V-Line's business is characterized by the ability to offer custom made products that fully comply with the unique specifications that each customer demands.  Working closely with contractors, architects, property managers and building supervisors, and even residential homeowners looking for custom designs, V-Line creates high-quality casegoods for nearly any application.

Typical applications/customers include:

V-Line products include, but are not limited to:

Using appropriate materials to suit customer applications and functional environments, V-Line employs both domestic and imported materials and woods.  Depending on application, budgetary constraints, and consumer preferences, pressed or solid wood may be used in casegoods and finishes may include traditional stains or paint.  Customers may chose from an assortment of countertop materials including, but not limited to laminate, Corian, granite, and marble.

V-Line is proud of its turnaround time.

Orders are always completed within the specified time due to V-Line's structured and precise workflow process, detailed in the following steps: