Eat 'n Park

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Eat 'n Park, owned by the Eat 'n Park Hospitality Group, is a popular restaurant chain with nearly 100 locations in western Pennsylvania, eastern Ohio and northern West Virginia.  The franchise began in Pittsburgh's South Hills in 1949, with the business model that customers could drive their car and park at the restaurant, while being waited on by waitresses on roller-skates.  Now an indoor dining experience, Eat 'n Park is a family favorite with a great reputation.

V-Line has played a significant part in nearly 70 of those locations, designing and constructing most of the customer serving areas, the booths, and the salad bars.

Andy Dunmire, Vice President of Design and Construction for Eat 'n Park Hospitality Group, says that their relationship with V-Line resembles a partnership and that V-Line owner, Vince Rokicsak, Jr. is easy to get along with and very accommodating.

“V-Line has done an excellent job meeting our demanding time constraints, providing quality work & installation at a reasonable price.  And it hasn't always been easy.  Over the years, there have been many challenges that required long hours and tight time frames and V-Line has always risen to the challenge.  They have executed many projects admirably with very little direction in some cases.”